Jacana Amazon Wellness Resort, Suriname. A Tropical Haven for Honeymooners

Jacana Amazon Wellness Resort, Suriname, A Tropical Haven for Honeymooners @JacanaResort1

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I wasn’t able to hide my excitement when we finally reached Suriname. For those who are not aware, this is a sovereign state on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. It used to be a Dutch territory, hence, the language and the architecture. It is also known as the smallest country on the continent. But don’t let that fool …

What to do on a 5 Day Honeymoon Trip to Easter Island!

What to do on a 5 Day Honeymoon Trip to Easter Island – DIY Travel Guide

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If you’re looking for a honeymoon with a difference, with more than just white sand beaches and cocktails, with more culture, history and adventure, then follow our honeymoon adventure to Easter Island. While Easter Island may technically be a part of Chile, it could not be more different, as when you land on the tiny airstrip 3686 km from the nearest …