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For Filipinos: How to get a Chilean Tourist Visa in Chile Consulate in Arequipa, Peru

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Planning to travel to Chile? This is how I got my Chile Tourist Visa in the Chile Consulate in Arequipa, Peru. I’ve been dreaming about going to Chile, you can find everything there. A South American country with beautiful and diverse landscapes to offer, from the Pacific beach coast, the  driest non-polar desert in the world- ATACAMA, the Las Torres del Paine in PATAGONIA, …

Working Full time in the Philippines? 6 Ways to Save For Your Travels

Working Full time in the Philippines? 6 Ways to Save For Your Travels

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It has always been Kat de Leon a.k.a Thrifty Monkey’s dream to explore all the provinces of the Philippines. She believes there are so many majestic sites that her country has to offer, tall mountains to climb and stories from different cultures that need to be shared. This is where her passion for traveling was awakened. Traveling has brought her …

10 Travel Moments That Made Me

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Stories are always what a wanderer brings back home, if he/she ever goes home. These are the byproducts of spontaneous experiences that more often than not make a person, if not change him/her for the better, and that to me is the essence of the whole gamut of traveling. Here are some remarkable travel moments – some hilarious, others daring, …

Toilets: Asian Style vs European Style

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Everyone poops. Nothing special about that. But it’s certainly amazing if you think about the different ways people go about it. Most Westerners are used to the sit-shit-toilet paper routine and would have it no other way. Know, ye toilet-paper lovers, that there are several more ways of going about this particular business. You may or may not not enjoy …

Tomorrowland Brazil 2015

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015

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Better yet quit altogether), your flights are booked, your bags are packed and a whole world of mountains, beaches, Castillano (a kind of Spanish to you and me) amazing food, fine wines and incredible people awaits you. But what about the music? Any backpacker knows that you can’t go backpacking without music! Well, luckily for you don’t have to miss …

8 Things an OFW Needs to Afford to Travel

8 Things an OFW Needs to Afford to Travel

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When a person is well-travelled, the common connotation is that he/she is rich. While it speaks the truth to some, it isn’t always the case for a traveling OFW. An Overseas Filipino Worker is a Filipino citizen who braves a life abroad to earn a living (not traveling), hence the term. Because it is the ultimate goal of an OFW …