Luxury Hotel Review Panviman, Koh Chang, Thailand @panvimanresorts 6

Luxury Hotel Review: Panviman, Koh Chang, Thailand @panvimanresorts

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Popular for its vast number of stunning islands, rich culture, enchanting food and of course its beautiful people,  Thailand has been a great holiday destinations of Western, European and even Asian tourist across the world.

Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand. Located 300 kilometers east of Bangkok, this island can be reach by an hour flight or a 7 hours bus and boat journey from Bangkok.


Panviman means “Paradise Alike” driven from the word “Pan” which means “Alike” and “Viman” which means “Paradise”, aims to give their customer a complete comfortable and unique experience with a touch of luxury. Panviman is a boutique luxury hotel located at Chiang Mai, Koh Phangan and Koh Chang.

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We were warmly welcomed right from the front gate, the bell boy and the receptionists made us feel we’re home and the long journey was over, it’s time to relax. While we were having dinner, Leg, the waiter was really accommodating and full of positive energy.


As we walked into the room, we were greeted with such an amazing and soothing aroma smell. Our room was a Deluxe Room; a double bed with a classic oriental style and a dark wooden headboard. The soft bed was a luxurious and the glass door on the right side of the bed gives us access to the patio, whilst on the left was a window that lightens up the room in the morning and a view of the garden.

Room facilities are also available such as flat screen LCD television, DVD player, plenty space for the closet, a small dining table and wardrobe mirrors. The bathroom was ornamental with massive hot tub and electric waterfalls beside it. This place is perfect for guests who are looking for comfort and relaxation.

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On our first night, we had a marvelous dinner by the beach. Background music was played and soothing sounds of the waves joined us as we enjoy our food. I even had the chance to chat with one of the waiters, he was funny and great to chat with.

The breakfast was a buffet with massive options; breads, pancakes, pasta, fresh juices and fruits. On the spot cooking of your requested dishes was  also available. I can easily spend my whole morning eating while overlooking the beautiful beach.

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A pool by the beach that suits for family travellers is perfectly located near the beach side where kids and parents can enjoy together. You can also try a spa located by the beach; a great view while pampering yourself is indeed a luxury one. Whilst a gym is free of access, keeping in shape while on holiday should not be a problem anymore.

A small souvenir shop is open during the day for the guests to browse some gifts to bring back home or send postcards to remind themselves of the amazing place they have been.

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One of the best feature of Panviman Koh Chang is its location, a few steps from our room is the beach front with magnificent clean green water. Comfortable sunbeds are available and restaurant service is accessible anytime of the day. I’ve been sitting by the beach all day, remember to get a spot here before sunset, it was a magical view to watch.

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If you’re staying for 3 days and 2 nights like we did, staying at the resort the whole time is not a bad idea, because there are plenty of things to do and activities for the kids too. Koh Chang has a lot to offer to its tourists, here are some:

Klong Plu Waterfall with an amazing scenery and the freshness of the water is worth a visit. If you’re adventurous enough, you can do a jump from the cliff to refresh yourself from the heat. Tons of butterflies flew around as well or letting fish eat your dry skin is another good idea.

Tree Top Adventure is a one of the must dos in Koh Chang. If you’re adrenaline seeker, you definitely should try this 150 metre cable run. Fresh fruits and drinks are served after. If you’re lucky you might be able to spot some monkeys around the jungle.

Get on the bicycle or motorbike is the best way to enjoy the island and get around easily. Visit the white beach, lonely beach or even head to some bars and clubs.

Hiking and Camping into the nature and wildlife forest will satisfy your curious and nature lover soul. Remember to check for rules beforehand about camping in the forest.

Luxury Hotel Review Panviman, Koh Chang, Thailand @panvimanresorts 6My Personal Experience

I took a 6-hour bus from Bangkok to Koh Chang, I arrived really tired at that time. I was warmly greeted by the staff in the reception and offered me an authentic iced Thai tea which was really good. I then assisted to my luxurious room. After taking photos, I decided to go straight to the beach to enjoy the sun, which was the best feeling.

When I was feeling like going out of the resort, I can easily take their free shuttle service that drives me to the main road. From there, I’ll have the chance to go everywhere in the islands.

I can’t recommend highly enough Panviman to anyone, from the time we arrived, during our stay and the time we have to leave, the people were all accommodating and helpful. The place was a paradise where we had good relaxing days.

I highly enjoy the moment where I just lie down by the beach side and fall asleep by the sounds of the waves. My mind completely drifted away from the outside world, I was only occupied of how amazing that time was. I enjoyed every bit of the moment I stayed with Panviman.  If I to visit Koh Chanh again, I will definitely be staying here.

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You can check more details on their  or check the latest price in  | | | | or Read reviews on .

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Note: This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of  Panviman PR for our complimentary stay in this Hotel. All opinions and text are all mine!

Luxury Hotel Review Panviman


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  1. Oh wow, I can get used to this. It sounds like your stay here was fabulous. How can it not be, the photos speak for themselves, from your bedroom to the pool, it looks marvelous. Love learning about new cultures.

  2. I’m looking to go back to Thailand next year, I went to Phuket last time and want to travel around some of the islands. I’ll need to look into Koh Chang now. Thanks

  3. Oh my, we went there when we were in Koh Chang! The island was one of our favourite places in Thailand. Stunning, isn’t it?

  4. Oh my gosh that pool and those views look incredible! I’m actually going to Thailand in a few weeks so I’ll have a deeper look at this 🙂

  5. I love the look of the breakfast buffet! The hot tub sounds perfect for a quiet evening after a long day, too 🙂

  6. What an amazing review, I will get to Thailand one day and I would like to enjoy its beauties like this luxury hotel.

  7. I’ve been to thailand but just only in the City. Thanks for sharing. Adding this up to future considerations when we travel back again in thailand 🙂

  8. The place looks worth visiting, Would love to just to sit on the beach to watch the sunset and fall asleep with the wind and the sound of waves.

  9. Never been to Thailand and I wish I can visit this country soon. 🙂 Bookmarking this post for future reference.

  10. Wow! I just loveeeeee the place. Huhu. It reminds me of Crimson in Mactan, Cebu. 🙂 Even the bed + how the towel was folded (elephant style). Hope to visit this place someday. If only I had the money. Hehe.

  11. This makes me want to visit Thailand too! The elephant towel is cute 🙂 Also, your pictures are great! What cam are you using? 🙂

  12. Wow! What a great way to relax and experience nature. I’ve been to Thailand before, but never stayed at a luxurious hotel. How I wish I can afford to stay at hotels like this. It looks awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Looks like a real nice hotel to relax and enjoy nature. It’s my first time to have heard of Khong Cha. Is land transportation the only means to access the island?

  14. Looks like you enjoyed your stay so much… Thailand is on my bucket list! And i hope to visit this island too… This is something really worth remembering if given the opportunity to travel… Lovely hotel room!

  15. With the horse racing festival above our heads, work’s been pretty crazy this week. What I’d do to be on lounge pool by the beach side sipping on some margarita. The place reminds me of Cintai Corito’s Garden in Batangas maybe because of the design aesthetics. Can I apparate there now?

  16. I have never seen a hotel that has an aquarium in the room. I think that is a brilliant touch and it gives personality to the place. I would like to go there and just relax by the pool with a good cocktail in my hand. Just enjoy the sunshine

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