Protect | Liberate - New Outdoor Adventure Clothing Technology from Craghoppers

Protect | Liberate – New Outdoor Adventure Clothing Technology from Craghoppers @CraghoppersUK

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BZFLAG and I have been travelling all over the world for about four years now, so we know first hand the challenges that we are likely to face in various countries and climates. We have ridden motorbikes around sweltering South East Asia, explored the chilly highlands of northern India and the foothills of the Himalayas, hitch-hiked through the beautifully harsh mountains of Patagonia and even waded through knee deep jungle swamps in Venezuela. We’ve dripped in sweat, been frozen by biting gale-force winds and bitten half to death by swarms of mosquitos, often enduring more than one of these at the same time! We know exactly how important it is that our outdoor clothing lives up to the job.

two monkeys travel - craghoppers - protect liberate 6BZFLAG Travel – Craghoppers Outdoor Clothing- Protect Liberate

What we have learned most during these four years of travel is that preparation is the key to traveling safely and in comfort, particularly when it comes to our clothing. When we have the right clothing for the climate we’re in, we can feel safe and comfortable at the same time, leaving us to simply enjoy the experience of travel.

This is where comes in, because it’s designed to fulfil the three most important requirements of outdoor exploration – Perfect Insulation, Totally Waterproof, and Insect Repellent. These are the three basic necessities which allow us to remain warm, dry and to not get bitten to pieces!

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On a more serious note, insect repellent clothing is one of the simplest types of prevention against illnesses like malaria, dengue fever, zika virus, botfly, various types of encephalitis, and a host of other debilitating diseases!

The philosophy behind Craghoppers’ new range of outdoor clothing is “Protect – Liberate”. In essence, to provide the protection we need from our clothing to make us feel safe, so that we can focus purely on what travel is all about – Escape; Adventure; Challenge; Education and Experience.

two monkeys travel - craghoppers - protect liberate 1BZFLAG Travel – Craghoppers Outdoor Clothing – Protect Liberate

Craghoppers Outdoor Clothing Technology

Here are just some of the main technological features of Craghoppers’ clothing, which help to achieve that feeling of safety while travelling!

Nosilife – Insect repellent is impregnated into the fabric of the clothing, providing permanent protection against insect bites.

AquaDry – Both waterproof and breathable, with a special coating that keeps you dry and lets out excess water vapour!

Gore-Windstopper – Special fabrics stop the wind and allow ventilation and breathability at the same time.

RFID blocking technology – Keep your bank cards safe with built-in RFID blocking pockets,

SolarShield – Protect your skin from the sun and UPF50+ protection from harmful UV rays.

two monkeys travel - craghoppers - protect liberate 1BZFLAG Travel – Craghoppers Outdoor Clothing – Protect Liberate

Remember, when choosing what clothing and equipment to take with you on your adventures, make sure that it gives you the safety and protection you need, so that you can get on with enjoying your adventures to the fullest!

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