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  • How to get a UK Tourist Visa (what documents to prepare and the process)
  • How to get a UK Marriage Visa
  • How to pass the USA Consulate Interview (I have great tips if you want to visit your bf/gf in the USA or if you got rejected once)
  • How to get any Tourist Visa abroad (I got all of my visas abroad and never in the Philippines)
  • How to get any Tourist Visas for your Long Term travel plans


What is Travel and Life Coaching?

Have you ever been on a trip and thought afterwards, ‘That wasn’t really what I wanted, but I don’t know how to do it better,’?  You are not sure what went wrong, but you know for sure that you were expecting an entirely different outcome. Then you start to ask yourself, did you really know what you wanted out of your travel experience in the first? Was it personal growth, cultural awareness or did you just want to get away from it all? These are all very important questions to consider in order to get the most out of your travels. Once you have started to answer them, the tricky part is knowing how to apply those answers to your travel plans.

The BZFLAG now offer one-on-one sessions where we help you to address your questions and give you the best advice possible on your travel & life style. We will use our knowledge and experience to guide you to get out there and explore the world while helping you to realize those travel dreams.  Through One on One consultation we can coach you on any aspect of the following:

Tourist Visa Applications: USA, UK, Schengen, Canada or Australia

We’re not a travel agency, but what we could do is help you with your online application, prepare you for the interview questions and how to answer them, help you organise the documents that you need to have and assist you with itinerary planning, all of which are necessary for Visa applications.

You can also check BZFLAG’s personal experience with applying for different visas around the world with her Philippines passport, read here.

Cost: This service takes time which is the reason we are charging a standard rate of $75 per visa application assistance request (per 1 hour skype call). 

Long Term Travel

Do you ever dream of traveling around the world but decided that it was too expensive, too difficult, or that it was for other people, but not for you? Heard of backpacking but don’t have any idea where to start? We’re here to help out! We’ve been on the road for almost two years now and we have acquired vast amounts of experience and knowledge on travel and how to lead a sustainable travel lifestyle.

Cost: Check the DIY Itinerary Travel planning packages below.

Relationship Coaching

We’re always chasing our dreams as we travel the world, but on our way to every town and city we always make sure that we keep our relationship nurtured and strong. Even though we come from two different cultures and backgrounds, we never let that get in the way of our relationship. What’s our secret? Let us tell you how to grow your relationship, especially if you’re traveling together.

  • Getting married in the UK – process, documentation etc
  • Interracial Relationship Tips based on personal experiences

Cost: $50/hour

Practical Jobs Coaching

Tired of your corporate job and your never ending daily routines? You want to quit and just wander around the world, but what happens when the money runs out? What practical travel jobs are there? From volunteering to get a free accommodation to real paid jobs while going nomad, we know it because we did it!

Cost: $30 / hour

Teaching English Abroad

Being certified English instructors to foreigners helps us sustain our travels. Now, we’re partnered with credible and hiring websites which make it easier for us to share what we have! Try it out with us! You can read our personal experience here of Teaching English in Vietnam and Peru.

You can also get 40% Discount on TEFL courses with myTEFL Canada if you use the DISCOUNT CODE: 2MONKEYS, .

How to Make a Successful Travel Blog

Wondering how to build your first travel blog, or how to get traffic from people actually reading your blog? How about how to make money using your skills in writing and your travel stories? Let us teach you how to start earning a living through blogging in just six months! You can read our article here about how we built our blog from scratch in November 2014 and grew to become one of the top International travel blogs in the world.

Cost: We can help you build your blog from scratch, manage your social media accounts or just teach you how to monetize your blog, the cost depends on the inquiry and work required so please message us.


Aside from working on our own website, we’ve had lots of valuable experience doing the following work. We can use this experience to share our expert knowledge with others through a range of different methods. If you would more information about what we can offer in these areas, please us directly, as we treat each job individually to ensure that our clients needs are fulfilled.






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