5 Reasons Why We Keep Coming Back to Hotel Palace Berlin

5 Reasons Why We Keep Coming Back to Hotel Palace Berlin

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We decided to celebrate Jonathan’s birthday in Berlin, Germany. But before that, we practically maximized our European Honeymoon tour by going to Amsterdam, Denmark, and Sweden first. Whew! While it is fun and always enjoyable to visit different places, it was also exhausting to travel from one place to another with only a few days in each destination. You need …

Hotel Palace Berlin 1

HOTEL PALACE BERLIN, GERMANY : Giving Everyone A Chance To Experience Luxury @PalaceBerlin

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It’s my second time in Berlin, I was excited to see Germany’s capital again and hoped that it’s sweeter like the infamous love line suggests, “Love is sweeter the second time around.” Knowing that I will be accommodated with a luxury hotel for three nights was already enough to consider that this trip is definitely sweeter. I had the chance to …

Daytrip from Berlin to Dresden

7 Reasons Why You Should go on a Daytrip from Berlin to Dresden, Germany @ondaytrip

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On my recent unexpected trip to Berlin to attend the ITB travel conference I connected with Daytrip to visit the nearby historical city of Dresden. I hadn’t heard much about the city prior to my visit so was amazed on arrival in the old historic centre, built in the 1800’s from stone after a huge fire destroyed the city. It was …

sightseeing in Munich Germany

5 Cities to Visit for Sightseeing & other things to do in Germany @GermanyTourism

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Land of black forests and rugged coastline, Lederhosen and sausage, sparkling Schlösser and the best wheat beer to be found on the continent, why would you not visit? Here we have put together a list of places to visit and things to do in Germany. 1. Berlin ‘Berlin, du bist so Wunderbar’, runs the tagline of the beer Berliner Kindle. …

7 Awesome Things To Do in Regensburg 1

7 Awesome Things To Do in Regensburg, Germany @GermanyTourism #Regensburg

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Over 2,000-year old city in Germany and listed its medieval center as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Regensburg brings you the life from stone age up to the modern time. How about Things to Do in Regensburg, Germany? Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Regensburg and Danube River. Danube River streams through ten countries’ …

To Nuremberg: A Letter to the City I fell In Love And Will Forever Be

To Nuremberg: A Letter to the City I fell In Love And Will Forever Be

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To the City, I adore so much: Nuremberg, Germany I am usually independent. I want to be independent. I always look for a place where I can feel an enough freedom; either in a park, in a coffee shop, in a mountain, in a town, in a province or anywhere where my feelings lead me to; Nuremberg, Germany Check out some …