Why Majorca is Spain's Best Multi-Destination Holiday Island

Why Majorca is Spain’s Best Multi-Destination Holiday Island

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Majorca has a lot on offer. With close to 40 cities, towns and villages to see – there’s an abundance of choice. That’s easily more than a holiday all rolled into one. There are a whole host of all-inclusive hotels in Majorca  from where you can view the isle these great wonders and sights of all the cities, towns and villages in its make-up. …

51 Hours to African Paradise: Gravity-Defying Classy Accommodation and Culinary Experience with EgyptAir

Egypt Air Business Class Flight Experience from Madrid, Spain to Cairo, Egypt and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Booked once with Avianca and I got to enjoy flying with EgyptAir in Business Class accommodations via layover. Including their lounges! It was easy and convenient. The privileges you get when you are a frequent flyer with any Star Alliance member airline. You earn miles that will help you fly to the destination of your choice or upgrade your next …

10 Reasons Why Benidorm, Spain is the Perfect Winter Holiday Destination

10 Reasons Why Benidorm, Spain is the Perfect Winter Holiday Destination @visitbenidorm

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Benidorm, Spain, was originally a small fishing village way back in the 60’s, and is now considered as one of the most popular winter holiday destination in Spain and in Europe as well. Located in the Eastern part of Spain, this city in the province of Alicante showcases the true Spanish charm of the Costa Blanca coasts, with its golden beaches, …


You’re never alone with Fred – Marion Ainge cruises solo with Fred Olsen to Spain and France

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Travel with Fred and you need never be lonely. It can be a challenge for some people who live alone and want to go on holiday but, for one reason or another, find themselves without a friend or partner to travel with. Women, particularly, may be apprehensive and concerned about safety, if they’re in the older age group and haven’t …

48 Hours in Granada, Spain

48 Hours in Granada, Spain – How to Explore and Where to Go

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I heard about Granada once or twice before because I had two friends study abroad there– I thought, “Why Granada? Never heard of it. Sounds pretty random.” After this past weekend, I am ashamed. I should have known about this sooner. Granada and The Alhambra are absolutely must see in your lifetime, and although it could be done in a …

7 Most Visited Spots in Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is best known for its love of football, tapas and sangria and with fair weather all year, there’s never a bad time to visit. So pack your bags and get ready for your Barcelona holidays with a pinch of inspiration and follow the crowds to the most popular spots in Barcelona. Related Articles: Awesome Outdoor Activities in Menorca, Spain …

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Awesome Outdoor Activities in Menorca, Spain

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At just 30 miles across Menorca is much more accessible than its neighbouring Balearic islands, Ibiza and Majorca, in terms of exploring the outdoors. Its off season population is just 30,000 which, even when doubled in peak season, means visitors are guaranteed the feeling of having the island all to themselves to explore. With year-round greenery provided by evergreen shrubs tourists can take …

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The Best Restaurants in Menorca, Spain – 7 Seafood Dishes you have to try!

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Restaurants in Menorca offer the hungry traveller a truly sensational eating experience. At the heart of any travel destination is food and this is especially true of Menorca; the cultivation, collection, variation, preparation and ultimately its consumption are the foundation for almost all activity on the island and the daily schedules of those who live there. Everything is planned according …

Our Amazing Week in a Private Luxury Villa in Mallorca

Our Amazing Week in a Private Luxury Villa in Mallorca

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Mallorca is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, with crisp white beaches, rolling countryside scenery, and ancient picturesque towns. The island’s history is chequered with settlements, invasions, plagues and pirate attacks, which only add to the drama and intrigue of the dramatically rugged coastline, with high cliffs indented by pure, sandy coves and magical caves. Luxury villa in Mallorca …

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca

5 Reasons for a Family Holiday in Pollenca, Mallorca

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Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, has long been a favorite holiday destination for British and European tourists. It has practically everything that a family could want in a summer holiday; sandy beaches; sunny weather; dramatic cliffs; full-flavoured Spanish food; luxury hotels and luxury private villas. Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in …

7 Awesome Things to Do in Barcelona, Spain

7 Awesome Things to Do in Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region and is overflowing with culture so rich that dates back from many years before. It is also filled with interesting tales from its hundreds of years history and has produced fine artist over the years. There are almost endless of interesting things to do in Barcelona and all you need is enough time …

Ultimate List of The Best Hotels and Hostels in Barcelona, Spain – From €11

List of The Best Hotels and Hostels in Barcelona, Spain – From €11! : Updated for 2018

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Note: This article is updated in March 2018! Barcelona, Spain is nearly on everyone’s must-see travel bucket list and usually, this magnificent and artistic city packs a lot of backpackers and travelers alike. Depending on your budget, there are tons of options for you in Barcelona. Just walking around will fascinate you already and if ever you end up in this beautiful city, make sure you …