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20 Amazing Things You Can See on a Trip Across the Nullarbor @NullarborTravel

‘Wild and Wonderful’ perfectly encapsulates the ultimate road trip that is crossing the Nullarbor from South to Western Australia. Here, you are treated to the best parts of Australia: landscapes, animals, wide open spaces, food, art – everywhere you look there is something to marvel at.

Undoubtedly, the Nullarbor Plain is an outstanding example of how rich, diverse, and beautiful the Land Down Under is. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime drive! From world-class beaches and immaculate forests to splendid wildlife and spectacular geological formations, you will experience it all in this 4000 km journey from Adelaide to Perth.

We joined the 10-day camping adventure provided by and saw Australia in all its glory. I know that this experience is sure to fill your head with wonder and inspiration. Highlights include hiking the Flinders Ranges, sand boarding massive dunes, exploring national parks, walking through the ancient Valley of the Giants forest, swimming with sea lions and dolphins, and seeing amazing coastal rock formations. Other tours from the Nullarbor Traveller include the three-day , five-day , and six-day .

20 Awesome Things to Experience on Your Nullarbor Trip

Bursting with unique experiences and special encounters, this great Nullarbor Trip is one tour you do not want to miss. It has all the elements of an incredible road trip and many more! Here is just a short list of some of the amazing experiences you can have on the Adelaide to Perth road trip with Nullarbor Traveller.

1. Ancient Gorges – Alligator Gorge

Glorious in every way, Alligator Gorge makes you feel puny compared to its colossal size. Located in the Southern Flinders Ranges, this gorge can be accessed along a 10-minute walking trail. During the spring, wildflowers and native orchids are an added treat to this already spectacular natural attraction.

2. Views like this, every single day – Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges is a unique part of the world. Here, your days are filled with the sight of thick gum trees and the sound of ebbing stony creeks. There is no place for the usual stresses and troubles of the usual daily life!

3. Amazing Coastal Caves!

South Australia is extremely generous when it comes to coastal caves – limestone caves, granite caves, sea caves, fossil caves – you will find them all here. The formations are impossibly beautiful!

4. Australia’s Largest Working Windmill in Penong

You may have heard of the Big Apple or the Big Easy, but in Penong, they have the Big Windmill! This is the largest windmill in Australia, one of the many that pump water from the Anjutabie water basin.

5. The Great Australian Bight

Located in Australia’s big-sky country, the Eyre Peninsula and the West Coast, the Great Australian Bight is an open bay made special by towering cliffs overlooking a most beautiful ocean. This iconic curve is part of the the longest uninterrupted line of sea cliffs in the world! Yet, what lives in the water below is what makes it truly remarkable. This stretch of ocean harbors precious marine life including the endangered southern right whales, great white sharks, and sea lions.

6. Esperance – Cape Le Grande National Park

Two kilometers of pristine beach, voted the best in Australia, greets you in the southwest corner of Cape Le Grand National Park. The promise of endless beach fun becomes a reality here. Swim, surf, fish, hop on a boat, or simply lay under the sun – this is paradise for beach bums!

7. You’ve never seen sunsets like this! Esperance – Cape Le Grande National Park

There is no better way to end a day than with a stunning sunset! Cape Le Grand National Park offers the best opportunity to witness this beautiful time of day. Take a loved one with you and share a wonderful memory here.

8. Awe-inspiring panoramas – The view from Frenchman’s Peak

Hike the Frenchman’s Peak and enjoy the awe-inspiring panoramas of the park and the islands in the Recherche Archipelago. This is a steep and challenging climb, but what you find at the top is totally worth it!

9. How often do you see the sunrise?

Waking up early is sure to be worth it when you are seeing something this magnificent. Indeed, the early morning hours have a magic about them, watching and listening as the great outdoors surrounding you wakes up and comes to life!

10. The best road signs in the world – Nullarbor Plain!

Another awesome thing about Australia – at any time, there is an opportunity for a chance encounter with wildlife! This road sign is really famous and one of many that you’ll find across Australia. Watch out for the crossing camel, wombat, and kangaroo. If you spot them all crossing at the same time, you might win some kind of prize… I made that last bit up.

11. The view from the top of a forest canopy – Margaret River

It is all too easy to lose all your cares in the world surrounded by the thick green nature of Margaret River and the sounds of kookaburras and cockatoos filling your ears. But do not forget to explore the local offerings of this town, too. Wineries, craft breweries, and specialty shops have excellent products for you to indulge in. If you dare, climb the diamond tree for a view over the entire forest.

12. Kangaroos…on the beach! Esperance – Cape Le Grande National Park

Yes, you do not just share the fantastic beaches with other people – even the kangaroos know how to enjoy a beautiful coast when they see one! What other beach on the world can you see a mother kangaroo feeding her baby?!

13. The Longest Straight Road in Australia!

90 Mile Straight – this is the popular name of the longest straight stretch of the Eyre Highway. This stretch of asphalted road between the towns of Balladonia and Caiguna is the longest straight road in Australia and is also one of the longest in the world at 145.6 km long.

14. The Nullarbor Plain

Crossing the Nullarbor Plain is one of the coolest things you can do while in Australia. One of the world’s greatest adventure drives, it is four times the size of Belgium, and it packs in a lot of sights and experiences that are sure to delight you. You will go through remote areas, see plenty of wildlife, and even travel across the largest piece of limestone on Earth!

15. Ancient Forests – Valley of the Giants

At once humbling and amazing, the Valley of the Giants is an ancient forest filled with towering red “tingle trees”, gnarled trunks, peaceful rivers and inlets, and beautiful walking tracks.

16. Australia’s Longest Wooden Pier

Australia’s longest wooden pier stretches almost 2 km out to sea. It is located in Busselton, Western Australia and is also the longest wooden pier in the world!

17. Australia’s Coolest Bird – The Kookaburra

Spend a few days out in the wild, and the distinctive warbling of the kookaburra becomes second-nature to your ears. The name is actually onomatopoeic of its call! These birds are native to Australia and New Guinea and are related to kingfishers.

18. Australia’s second coolest bird – the Emu…(sorry Emu!)

The emu is the tallest and largest native bird in Australia. It appears on the coat of arms of Australia and on the reverse of the sixpenny coin. These comical birds are very similar to Ostriches and are extremely inquisitive, so don’t be surprised if they approach you for a quick peck!

19. Giant Boulders in the Stirling Ranges

Boulders the size of buildings are scattered throughout the Stirling Range. Stretching 65 km, this ancient landform is a national heritage site filled with captivating mountain views, charming wildflowers, and diverse bird and animal life. The most popular attraction is the highest peak which is the Bluff Knoll.

20. Swimming with Sea Lions – Baird Bay Eco Ocean Experience

We saved the best for last. Not many road trips offer you the opportunity to swim with wild sea lions! These adorable little puppies of the sea just love to play and they only ever interact of their own accord, without any persuasion. The more you interact with them and swirl around under the water, the more they’ll play with you. One even gave BZFLAG and little kiss on the nose! Check out 

 This trip was made possible in collaboration with and . However, all opinions are based on our own experiences!

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