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 Hey there monkey! So you wanna join huh?

Here’s how:

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3. Check the and choose one of 250 experiences in more than 70 countries

4. Comment the Tinggly experience that you’d like on the BZFLAG Tinggly Experience Promo post in our page and mark it with #twoMonkeysTravel & #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo


You’re probably asking, “what’s a Tinggly Experience?”

To know more about Tinggly, click the White Monkey’s floating head.


Rules, rules, rules. Fun monkey rules.

1. This is open for any living being residing the planet earth, given that they have a account, and must be homo sapien of course

2. Yes we said we’re giving two Tinggly Experience Packages. One winner would be drawn from the . The other would be drawn from the .

3. If you’re a kaladkarin of the , comment the Tinggly experience that you’d like on the BZFLAG Tinggly Experience Promo post in the  and mark it with #twoMonkeysTravel & #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo.

4. You can have as many as 250 entries if you wish. That means that ONE EXPERIENCE COMMENT = ONE RAFFLE ENTRY. And by ONE EXPERIENCE COMMENT we mean you can’t keep commenting the same exact experience over and over. We monitor this quite closely so positive vibes only, okay?

5. What does ONE EXPERIENCE COMMENT look like?Capture

6. Promo starts April 13, 2015 00:01 AM MNL time

7. The much awaited draw date would be on May 22, 2015

8. Just like our love life, prizes are not convertible to cash

Best of luck and keep the monkey love flowing!

 – The BZFLAG Tinggly Experience Promo –

The BZFLAG Tinggly Experience Giveaway!

Comments 155

  1. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Experience in New York #TwoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  2. Spectacular Fjord and Waterfall Experience in Norway #TwoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  3. Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Sakkara Experience in Egypt #TwoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  4. Exciting Flyboard Experience in South Africa #TwoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  5. World’s Highest Bridge Bungee Jump In Cape Town #TwoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  6. Thrilling Shark Diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa #TwoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  7. Desert Safari Adventure & Barbeque Dinner in Dubai #TwoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  8. Two-days Chitwan Jungle Safari Experience in Nepal #TwoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  9. Two Day Experience around Vietnam’s Halong Bay #TwoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiecePromo

  10. Unforgettable 2 Days Trekking Chiang Mai in Thailand #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  11. Become a Member of a Local Family in Bali – An experience I would definitely love to do! I love meeting, exposing and engaging myself with locals and becoming a member of an Indonesian family would be so fulfilling. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  12. Magical Bangkok Boat and Bike Experience in Thailand – I love biking and boat rides and I would love to experience both in Bangkok! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  13. Marvelous Scuba Diving in Thailand – I have never tried scuba diving but I have always wanted to so this would be a wonderful experience for me! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  14. Unforgettable Elephant Safari Ride Experience In Indonesia – I would love to ride these beautiful creatures a visit to this amazing place! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  15. Uluru Sunrise Guided Cultural Walk – this monolith is a beaut! I would love to experience sun-chasing here. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  16. Green Island Snorkelling Adventure with Lunch Cruise #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  17. Full Day Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling Experience – a personal favorite experience of mine because I absolutely love snorkeling! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  18. Springbrook Rainforest Bushwalk in Brisbane – my mum and I love nature and waterfalls so this is one heck of a trip! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  19. Sydney Opera House and Harbour Experience – it would be great to see and experience this first-hand after seeing it in many films! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  20. Half Day Kayaking Experience of The Unique Cathedral Cove – kayaking is a favorite water sport of mine and would love to try it in a beautiful setting as this place! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  21. The Magnificent Auckland Bridge Climb because I love trekking and trekking in a bridge would definitely be a fun experience! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  22. Full Day Tall Ship Sailing Adventure in Paihia – such a unique experience I personally want to try! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  23. Jet Boat Experience in Shotover River in Queenstown in New Zealand #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  24. Unique Sigatoka River Jet Boat Safari in Fiji Islands because I believe this will be an experience my mum would enjoy. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  25. Unique Japanese home-cooking class in Tokyo because I personally don’t know how to cook and would love to start learning with Japanese cuisine. I would also love to meet locals and travel to the beautiful and busy city of Tokyo! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  26. Game of Thrones Experience in Croatia for Two. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  27. Bungee Jumping off Grindelwald Glacier in Switzerland.
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  28. 5-Hour Treetop Canopy Zip Line Experience in El Salvador.
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  29. Trip to Majestic Taj Mahal in India for Two. I always dream about this!

  30. Brazilian Food Cooking Class in Rio de Janeiro. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  31. Walking Petaling Street Food Experience in Kuala Lumpur for Two.
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  32. Camel Ride in Morocco for Two because I want to experience a legit desert adventure #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  33. 2.5-Hr Racing Yacht Sailing Adventure for Two at Fuenteventura because I want to have that #feeling mayaman experience #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  34. Full-Day Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling Experience is special because it is in my long list of a great lifetime dream adventure #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  35. The World’s Longest Zipline in Nepal – Just thinking about it, thrills me a LOT! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  36. Table Mountain Hike-India Venster Route in Cape Town For Two because my friend says Table Mountain is a very nice place #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  37. World’s Highest Bridge Bungee Jump in Cape Town for Two would be an AMAZING addition to the list of my daredevil adventures! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  38. Full-Day Experience on the Amazon River in Brazil because I want to experience an adventure on the second longest rive rin the world! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  39. Aqua Safari in Bora Bora because I want to expereince what’s down under the South Pacific Ocean #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  40. Evening Volcano Explorer in Hawaii because I think this is an adventure that will give me a very unique and one of a kind experience #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  41. Gondola Serenade in Venice for Two would be a lovely experience of a lifetime that I want to have with my special someone #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  42. Breathtaking Ice Diving in France is an adventure that is really challenging for the daredevil me #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  43. Trip to the Beautiful Wine Roads in Santorini because I’ve fallen in love with Santorini ever since I first saw it in a picture #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  44. Bird, Dolphin, and Whale Watching for Two in Madeira because nothing beats seeing three of my favorite animals in the world in one whole trip #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  45. A Walk With A Monk in Nepal is an experience that I want have. I want to know about their culture and learn something from it #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  46. Delicious Food Experience in Beautiful Greece for Two is something that I want to have with someone special #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  47. Spectacular Flight OverTrakai Castle in Iceland because seeing a real castle has been my dream since I was a kid #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  48. Jeep Safari in the Ancient World of Jordan because I find travelling in ancient places very amusing! #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  49. Two Hour Snowmobile Ride in Finland would be an amazing experience that I want to try!
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  50. Trip to Majestic Taj Mahal in India for Two simply because it is my dream to be able to visit the Seven Wonders of the World #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  51. Undiscovered Great Wall Hiking in China is in my bucketlist!
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  52. Underwater Scooter Cruiser in Mauritius. Nothing beats exploring and enjoying the full view of the reef and rich marine life while piloting my own submarine scooter
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  53. Alaskan Northern Lights Experience. I’d love to take awesome pictures of the surreal view and share it to the world!
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  54. Day or Night Bungee Jumping in United Kingdom. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  55. Eiffel tower Skip- the- line entry ticket for Two! It has always been one of my main life goals! This is it!
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  56. Exotic Stay in A Boutique Cave Hotel for Two in Turkey. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  57. Teotihuacan Pyramids and Shrine of the Guadalupe for Two in Mexico. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  58. Vintage Biplane Flight over Dracula’s Tomb in Romania. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  59. Desert Safari Adventure & Barbecue Dinner for Two in Dubai.
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  60. Motorbike Temple Experience in Cambodia for Two. I’ve always dream of this doing with him.
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  61. Desert Safari Adventure & Barbecue Dinner for Two in Dubai. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  62. Unique Japanese home-cooking class in Tokyo for Two. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  63. Unforgettable Elephant Safari Ride Experience in Indonesia.
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  64. Extreme White Water Rafting in Indonesia for Two. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  65. James Bond Island Sightseeing Experience for Two in Thailand.
    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  66. Magical Bangkok Boat & Bike Experience for Two. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo.

  67. Spectacular Fjord and Waterfall Experience in Norway. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  68. Krustyland in Universal Studios California, Six Flags Magic Mountain – California, Disney California Adventure Park, and hike towards the Hollywood sign in California, USA. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  69. Experiential Yoga Camp in the Oldest Yoga Institute in India. #TwoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  70. Universal Studios Japan, Fuji-Q Highland, and Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  71. James Bond Island Sightseeing Experience for Two in Thailand

  72. Two Day Experience around Vietnams Halong Bay

  73. Full-Day Experience on the Amazon River in Brazil.

  74. Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Sakkara Experience in Egypt
    One of my greatest dream destination

  75. Brazilian Food Cooking Class in Rio de Janeiro

  76. St. Petersburg Catherine Palace Experience for two in Russia

  77. Stand up paddle experience in the Philippine jungle for two.. #twoMonkeysTravel & #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  78. Spectacular View from the Shard and Lunch for Two in United Kingdom #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  79. Thrilling Experience with Aston Martin across the United Kingdom #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  80. A tour to James Bond Island! That could be so cool #twoMonkeysTravel

  81. Jet Boat Tour on Shotover River, Queenstown in New Zealand…. both of us also love extreme adventure! and we got alot of friends from NZ.. so if we win this, we wont only enjoy the Jet Boat Tour but also we’ll be able to reunite with our friends in NZ! all for our honeymoon! pls. pls. pls.! thank you! .. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  82. Trip to the Beautiful Wine Roads of Santorini… since Satorini is one of my dream destination and besides i find it so romantic to spend our honeymoon there!…. #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  83. Plitvice National Park Tour for Two in Croatia…. another great honeymoon gift for us! because we love nature! Thank you in advance #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  84. Prague By Night Dinner Cruise for two will be a great gift for our wedding! Thank you in advance! #twoMonkeysTravel#TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  85. #twoMonkeysTravel &#TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo Aqua Safari in Bora Bora : WHY? because Its my DREAM to visit Bora bora and be a real mermaid under the SEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! WEHOOOOO!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE! LEMME WINNNNNN!!! HIHIHI THANK YOU … weeee!!! BORA BORA PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE #DREAMSDOCOMETRUE

  86. #twoMonkeysTravel &#TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo Delicious Food Tour in Beautiful Greece for Two : KAHIT ONE PA YAN! hahahaha please! lemee win!! kasi gusto ko humugot sa GREECE! HAHAHA Seriously, I want to visit Greece before I die I hope you can help me to reach that dream! Love you BZFLAG Travel:) IDOL!

  87. Dead Sea and Masada Tour in Israel – When I was a kid we had an encyclopaedia that I always read because of the Geographic section. One of the pictures that stuck in my head is of a woman sitting on a chair and she seems to be afloat on the water. The girl is in the Dead Sea. I’d give anything to have a similar experience and to see for myself the beauty of the place.

    #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

  88. Eiffel-tower-skip-the-line-entry-ticket-for-two in Paris…

    — WAAAH! Need i say it? Visiting that tower has been my life long dream, it would be extra special if I can do it with the other half of my heart skipping the queue with her hand in mine, the vision gives me #goosebumpsgalore Thank you in advance Universe!
    #positivevibes #twoMonkeysTravel #TwoMonkeysTingglyExperiencePromo

    KALADKARIN here!! woot! I wanna be joining both the page and the forum draws hiyess!

  89. Dead Sea and Masada tour in Israel to e ioy the fortress of Masada and float and relax on the Dead sea ‪#‎twomonkeystravel‬ ‪#‎twomonkeystingglyexperiencepromo‬

  90. Highlights of Rio de Janiero Tour – where else? Of course the land of my beautiful modeling nemesis #twomonkeystravel #twomonkeystingglyexperiencepromo

  91. Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Sakkara tour in Egypt- discover the inner mummy in me! I want to Ramses or Cleopatra even for a day or two ‪#‎twomonkeystravel‬ ‪#‎twomonkeystingglyexperiencepromo‬

  92. Chocolate walking tour and workshop in Belgium for two- we all chocolates right? And its Belgian we all want a bite (“; #twomonkeystravel #twomonkeystingglyexperiencepromo

  93. Two day tour in Vietnam’s Halong Bay- perfect bday experience thus October. #twomonkeystravel #twomonkeystingglyexperiencepromo

  94. A walk with a Monk in Nepal #twomonkeystravel #twomonkeystungglyexperience promo – the beauty of simpleness, the knowledge, the humbleness and the joy being with someone free of workloads, worries and worldiness.

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